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How to organize a perfect picnic: important tips

How to organize a perfect picnic: important tips

2016-12-21 Charles Boyd 0 Picnic

Organizational moment for a picnic

It does not matter with whom you will go for a picnic. You will be much more comfortable if you do preparations in advance. Therefore, it is important to find a person who is ready to take on the organization of recreation. Before a picnic, you need to take care of such things: - equipment that will be needed in nature; - food that can be cooked in nature; - leisure and entertainment on a picnic. Make a list of products or ready meals (salads, sandwiches, snacks, casseroles, etc.) and distribute who buys what and who takes it. Or, together buy the necessary products.

What to take on a picnic?

If you do not develop with the organization in advance - do not worry, because usually everyone takes food "for themselves and for their neighbors." The only danger is taking some food back home.

Equipment that you will be needed for outdoor

What exactly we must take from the equipment - depends on you,or from the format of rest that you choose - it will be civilized (in a gazebo with a barbecue or with a car trip), a picnic in a neighboring park or away from civilization, with spending the night. And, of course,will you start a fire.

Civilized picnic

The equipment you need : a picnic table and folding chairs, or they can be replaced with a blanket, a brazier,a grill and skewers; matches, a lighter, an ax, a paper for ignition, firewood. You need a basket for a picnic.In basket the products will keep a beautiful view. Also, a cooler bag will be useful best upright freezer for garage use and if you have not such, you can put a bottle of frozen water in the usual bag on the bottom, and all the provisions put on top. If the volume of the trunk of your car allows you can take an awning and a hammock. Also do not forget a few knives, a can opener, a corkscrew, a kitchen plate. Tableware for a picnic can be either disposable or from home - plates, glasses, spoons, forks, several bowls for salads and plates for cutting. And, of course, garbage bags to leave a clean glade behind.

Picnic in the "neighboring park"

If you live in the city, and the picnic is unexpected, it will not take much time to take a backpack with goodies and go outdoor. In this case, the equipment needs a minimum: a carpet or just a blanket and an umbrella from the sun or rain. If you have a hammock - it will perfectly complement the atmosphere of your rest. The fire can not be ignited in the park. It is necessary to prepare in advance any goodies, and take a thermos with coffee or tea. On this picnic you can go by public transport or by bicycle.

Picnic away from civilization

Usually on such picnics people go with an overnight stay. You must pack a tent, canopy or awning in your backpack that will protect against sudden precipitation or scorching sun, a rug, sleeping bag, raincoat, flashlight, utensils, knife, ax and matches or a lighter for ignition of fire.

Food that can be cooked for a picnic

Well, of course - meat. Meat on fire or on the grill can be cooked from anything - pork, mutton, poultry or fish. An alternative can be delicious sausages that will not spoil your holiday.Do not forget that it is desirable to pickle the meat in advance. Then it will be fragrant and tasty. A classic picnic - baked potatoes and vegetables on fire (mushrooms, sweet pepper, zucchini, tomatoes and others). Also, you need greens (parsley, dill, lettuce and green onions) and fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes). Take bread, juices for children and drinks for adults. Well, do not forget to take ordinary drinking water, salt, spices and so on. Be careful with food that quickly deteriorates.

Clothing worth taking on nature

Clothes for a picnic must be comfortable. Also do not forget to take a hat or cap, sunglasses, jacket-windbreaker. If a picnic is planned near a lake or a river - put a swimsuit

First Aid Kit

In the first aid kit, put funds from a stomach disorder, analgesics; cardiac drugs; antiallergic agents; means of protection from the sun and from insects, means from cuts and burns … Have a good rest and do not forget to take a camera.


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